"I really enjoy the classes and hope they will continue for some time yet!".

Jan P

"I love the style of your class which feels very relaxed and informal... the pace and difficulty is right with you gently encouraging us to go a bit further each week but only if we feel able.

I always feel as though my body has been worked physically and I also feel so calm and relaxed mentally and emotionally afterwards which I have never experienced from any other yoga class.

I particularly like the way we relax and do the deep breathing at the start as this centres me and focuses me in readiness for the postures and of course the relaxation at the end leaves me with a deep sense of inner calm".

Mandy F

"The class content is very friendly and informal which I enjoy and makes it relaxing".

Denise P

"As a complete Yoga novice I can't believe how much I am enjoying the sessions, it's something I would have always said I couldn't do, as I didn't think I would be supple enough! Keep up the good work...I look forward to my Wednesday evenings".

Debbie B

"I really enjoy the classes and hope they will continue for some time yet!".

Jan P

"I am loving your classes and would like to have a yoga class every day for the rest of my life".

Claire P

"Kirsty was reliable and consistent in her approach and brought a positive attitude to her teaching. Kirsty was well liked by her students and I received a lot of positive feedback with regard to her teaching".

Dr Alex Armstrong PhD Exercise Physiologist/FlowYoga Founder, Perth, Australia

"I love that each week my hands reach a bit further, body feels a bit lower, core feels stronger and mind feels a bit quieter".

Siobhan M