Yoga Classes


General classes are intended for anyone at any level! From novice to more advanced practitioner, female or male, young or old, Asanas (postures) are modified to accommodate everyone. Beginners are provided with the correct guidance and gentle encouragement to find themselves present in, and working with each asana, and those more experienced are challenged with more advanced modifications to further themselves into with each breath.

Classes are taught in a relaxed, informal and friendly manner, enabling you to feel completely at ease throughout your practise. It is important that the class environment is relaxed and comfortable, so that you are able to internalise the mind, focus on the moment and experience the freedom that comes from within, without distraction, worry or fear.

I believe that a friendly class environment also promotes a positive energy that uplifts, carries and unites the intentions of the class, resulting in a deeper and more profound shared experience.

Classes start with guided relaxation, breathing and gentle limbering stretches, followed by a series of Asanas (yoga postures) that work on the entire body, and ends with guided relaxation and meditation. Classes are an hour and a half.

Private Class (1-2-1)

There are many different reasons that people opt for private classes: to kick-start their yoga journey, or deepen an already dedicated class or personal practise, or for rehab purposes, or to challenge themselves further…the list goes on!

But whatever your reasons, I am available to come and teach private lessons in the comfort of your own home, and tailor-make your class to suit your exact needs.

Please contact me on the enquiries page to see how I can help.

Pregnancy Yoga

Many women are drawn to yoga for the first time through the miracle of pregnancy. Suddenly there is this life within that needs to be nurtured, acknowledged and respected, and yoga provides the perfect pathway for this.

The openness of heart, mind and spirit that so often accompanies the experience of pregnancy leads very rapidly and directly to the inner jewel of yoga practise; a lived experience of the conscious awareness of unity and connectedness with the universe and everything in it

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Yoga develops an acute awareness of your ever-changing body during the very special 9 months of pregnancy. It enables you to accept, understand and embrace the emotional and physical changes your body undergoes, providing a positive pregnancy experience that empowers you to approach labour and birth with excitement, confidence and trust.

As the benefits of pregnancy yoga are best realised through a regular practise, classes run on a 6-weekly cycle and include breathing, relaxation, modified Asanas, and hand gestures.

For those that are 35 weeks or more, you are able to attend the class on a drop-in basis. See the Timetable and Prices page for more information.

"I have absolutely loved taking part in Kirsty’s yoga class during my pregnancy. The atmosphere manages to be both focused and relaxed, and I have used the relaxation techniques outside of the class to deal with daily stresses, as my usual glass of wine has been off the menu. I always feel more energised and positive after each lesson, and can’t wait to come back the following week. Kirsty is a wonderful teacher, who is always attentive, supportive and encouraging of her students. The class always has the right balance and is never repetitive. I am confident that the yoga and breathing will help me think positively throughout my labour and make the whole experience far more manageable. I cannot wait to return to the classes after my baby is born and cannot recommend the classes enough"

Sam W